Win a 2024 Corvette Stingray and Support Veterans: Vehicle for Good Inc. Launches Vette for Vets Sweepstakes
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Win a 2024 Corvette Stingray and Support Veterans: Vehicle for Good Inc. Launches Vette for Vets Sweepstakes

Fort Worth, TX - [March 28, 2024] - Vehicle for Good Inc., a homegrown company based in Fort Worth, Texas, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest fundraising initiative: a sweepstakes offering participants the chance to win a 2024 Corvette Stingray. This unique opportunity not only provides a tax-deductible way to win a fantastic prize but also supports two vital nonprofits in Tarrant County that aid veterans – Veterans Freedom Retreat and Roll Call.


About Vehicle for Good Inc.

Vehicle for Good Inc. is dedicated to revolutionizing nonprofit fundraising. Our mission is to maximize the impact of each sweepstakes by giving away as much as possible, ensuring that every donation makes a significant difference. Through our innovative vehicle sweepstakes, we aim to empower nonprofits to focus on their important work rather than their budgets. Learn more at


Sweepstakes Details

The sweepstakes is currently live and will run until July 5th, 2024. Participants can enter online via the Vehicle for Good website. Each donation is tax-deductible and provides a chance to win the stunning 2024 Corvette Stingray. More importantly, every dollar raised supports the invaluable work of Veterans Freedom Retreat and Roll Call, two organizations dedicated to improving the lives of veterans in our community.


Supporting Our Heroes

\"Nonprofits are the heroes of our communities, working tirelessly to make the world a better place,\" said James Thorne, CEO of Vehicle for Good Inc. \"But in reality, they often struggle to raise funds to fulfill their missions. Every unmet need reminds us that there’s more to be done. We believe in creating a world where nonprofits can focus on their cause, not their budget.\"

By participating in the sweepstakes, donors not only have the chance to win a high-performance vehicle but also contribute to meaningful causes that make a tangible difference in the lives of veterans. Even if they don’t win the Corvette, participants can feel proud knowing their contributions are helping to drive the missions of these nonprofits forward.


Contact Information

For more information about the sweepstakes or Vehicle for Good Inc., please contact:


James Thorne

CEO, Vehicle for Good Inc.