Vehicle For Good

Qualifications and Application Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in partnering with us to support vital causes.

We have established certain qualifications to guide our nonprofit selection process. These qualifications are designed to ensure that our collaborative efforts are impactful and aligned with our mission.

Three Main Focus Areas

At Vehicle for Good, we are committed to supporting nonprofits that primarily focus on the following areas:

Water, Food, Clothing, & Shelter

Organizations that address essential human needs such as access to clean water, nutritious food, clothing, and safe shelter.

Foster, Adoption, and Reunification

Nonprofits dedicated to improving the lives of children through foster care, adoption services, and family reunification efforts.

Veterans, Homelessness, and Poverty

Organizations working to alleviate the challenges faced by veterans, individuals experiencing homelessness, and those living in poverty.


To be considered for collaboration with Vehicle for Good, nonprofits should meet the qualifiers listed below. Eligible nonprofits can apply once every calendar year.

  1. Annual Marketing and Fundraising Budget
    Nonprofits should have an annual marketing and fundraising budget of less than $100,000.
  2. Staffing Criteria 
    Nonprofits should employ no full-time staff members with fundraising, development, marketing, or PR titles.
  3. Mission Alignment 
    A significant portion of the nonprofit's daily activities or budget should be dedicated to directly supporting their chosen cause or beneficiaries, accounting for more than 50% of their efforts.
  4. Long-Term Commitment 
    Nonprofits should have at least three years of active engagement in serving their cause, with over 50% of their time focused on their mission.
  5. 501(c)(3) Status 
    We only work with qualified registered 501(c)(3) organizations based in the United States. While these organizations may serve globally, their primary office must be located in the USA.

Application Process

Our application process consists of three straightforward steps:

Submit Details

Nonprofits interested in collaborating with Vehicle for Good can submit their details through our online application form. This form allows us to gather essential information about your organization and mission.

Schedule Interview

After reviewing your application, our team may schedule an interview with your organization to further understand your mission, goals, and how we can best collaborate.

Book Sweepstakes Campaign

Upon successful vetting, approved nonprofits may be invited to book a sweepstakes campaign with Vehicle for Good. This campaign is a mutually beneficial effort to raise funds to support your cause.

We understand the importance of flexibility and may consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis, taking into account your organization's unique circumstances and needs.

Vehicle for Good is committed to fostering meaningful partnerships with nonprofits, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to create positive change.

If you believe your organization aligns with our qualifications and guidelines, please proceed to our online application form to begin the journey of collaboration.